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Get the Look: Floral Crowns & Bohemian Waves

 Floral Crowns & Bridal Shoots | The Northwest Woman

I was asked by the lovely Lexi Warren to be a hair model for a local publication’s bridal shoot. The job would involve getting my hair and makeup done and hanging out with talented, super-nice people. I said, yes, please and thank you. The surprise floral crown was icing on the cake—I wimped out on doing one for my wedding day, so this was a fun do-over. Matt snapped some photos when I got home for this post (I won’t see the real photos until they’re published in January.)

 Floral Crowns & Bridal Shoots | The Northwest Woman

Lexi did my hair for my wedding day. She’s an awesome hair stylist and can hook a girl up with some amazing color, too (she did my cut and color.)

 Floral Crowns & Bridal Shoots | The Northwest Woman

Stylist’s Notes:

Styling Erin’s hair for the bohemian wedding look was so much fun! We prepped her dry, clean hair by spraying it with a thermal protectant spray, Melu by Davines, that has light hold. We then curled her hair section by section with a small curling wand, making sure to wrap the hair on the wand vertically rather than horizontally to create waves rather than curls. We then sprayed all of Erin’s curls with a medium hold hairspray by Davines and let her curls set for 15 minutes.

After her curls were set, with a tiny bit of Gold Lust Oil by Oribe, I ran my hands through her curls. Then for root lift and texture, I sprayed Oribe’s Dry Texture spray at the roots, finishing the look with Oribe’s Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray throughout the mid to ends of her hair for separation and shine, scrunching as I sprayed. Après Beach spray is an amazing texture spray that creates beautiful boho waves and body–exactly what I wanted for Erin that day!

Get Beautiful Bohemian Waves | The Northwest Woman

Products used, in order: (1) Melu by Davines, (2) medium hold hairspray by Davines, (3) Oribe’s Gold Lust Oil, (4) Oribe’s Dry Texture spray, (5) Oribe’s Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray.

Notes on Floral Crowns for Brides from Lexi:

Some florists will give you a floral crown already sized for your head with pins in it, but with others you’ll have to pin the crown yourself. Try to ask about this and plan ahead so there aren’t any surprises on the big day for you or your stylist. Either way, secure your headpiece with lots of bobby pins and bring along extra just to be safe!

For Erin’s finishing touches, I wrapped a little bit of her hair around the side of the crown that didn’t have any blossoms. This little touch made the look a bit more bridal. Off-set crowns are beautiful, and I often try to balance their asymmetry by leaving wispy pieces of hair out, or sweeping the hair to the side with less flowers. Remember, the bohemian style isn’t meant to perfect–keep those curls separated and texturized by scrunching up into the hair with your hands and spray with Après Beach, or a hairspray, and this look stay gorgeous all night long!

 Floral Crowns & Bridal Shoots | The Northwest Woman

Photos by my husband, Matt, with Matthew Land Studios.

Hair by Lexi Warren.

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